Belt Services

What we offer

Serpentine Belt Inspection: Zippity inspects the condition of your serpentine belt in your Health Check, which comes free with every Zippity service.

Serpentine Belt Replacement: Zippity can install a replacement serpentine belt.

What you need to know

What is a Serpentine Belt?

The serpentine belt is used to drive multiple components in your vehicle including devices such as the alternator, air conditioning, power steering, water pump. In some vehicles, there is also a pully or belt tensioner which guides the belt. 

In the past, each of these components were driven by multiple belts but most modern vehicles now have a single serpentine belt. While this design is more efficient and reduces the number of parts to maintain, it also means that when the serpentine belt fails, the vehicle instantly loses many core functions. For this reason it's important to inspect your serpentine belt regularly and watch out for signs of an aging or failing belt.


Symptoms of a failing or aging serpentine belt:

  • Squealing/odd noises (likely a sign of a belt slipping or losing tension)
  • Failure or poor performance of air conditioning and power steering
  • Sudden battery draining
  • Engine over heating 
  • Check Engine light




    Frequency Recommendation

    Serpentine Belts can have a lifetime anywhere between 50,000-100,000 miles. We recommend getting an inspection with every service and replace as necessary.