3 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

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Want to improve your gas mileage on your commute? Or maybe you're thinking about going on a weekend trip? Check out these simple tips for improving your fuel efficiency!

#1: Replace engine air filter = 10% efficiency increase

Replacing your engine air filter could instantly increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 10-15%! Your engine’s ability to draw air significantly improves when there is no debris in the way, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. Zippity recommends replacing your engine air filter every 15,000-30,000 miles, or when dirty.

#2: Inflate tires to correct pressure

Low tire pressure increases rolling resistance on the road. Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure is an easy way to improve gas mileage.

#3: Use Cruise Control

Avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking helps your car use fuel more efficiently. Cruise control is a great tool for highways and we recommend using it as much as possible (except up hills)!


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Sample Engine Air Filter Inspection