3 Car Care Myths and Facts to Help you Save Money

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🚘 Myth #1: You must change your oil every 3,000 miles.

Fact: Not necessarily! Many modern vehicles now have longer intervals between oil changes (~7,500 miles). Check your manual and go by your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

🚘 Myth #2: You will void your warranty if repairs are done outside of the dealership. 

Fact: Performing regular maintenance outside of the dealership will not void your warranty. However, you MUST keep clear records and receipts to prove to the manufacturer, in the event of a claim, that you have serviced your vehicle according to the recommended maintenance schedule

🚘 Myth #3: It’s ok to ignore the Check Engine light if the car is otherwise running smoothly.

Fact: The Check Engine light can be a warning for both large issues and very minor issues (like your gas cap being loose). While it may turn out to be something small, we recommend getting a quick diagnostic code read to diagnose the problem early and save yourself from a more expensive repair. 


Zippity Spotlight: Digital Service Records

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