3 Reasons You Should Switch Back to Summer Tires ASAP

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Snow melting means it's time to take a look at those tires! Here are 3 reasons why you should change back to your summer tires as soon as possible:


1. $$$. Your winter tires will wear much faster in warmer temps.

Once temperatures are consistently above freezing and there is no snow on the road, you can quickly wear out the tread on your tires, costing you more money to get replacement tires down the road.

2. Safety! Summer tires brake more quickly and effectively on pavement.

Summer tires have fewer grooves and are designed to put more rubber in contact with the road, which allows you increased brake responsiveness and better driving in wet conditions.

3. Better handling & performance.

With more contact on the road, your car will have more agility and better handling around corners. Improved traction and grip to the road means better all-around performance.


Ready to make the switch? 

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