Brake Pad Replacements

Everything you need to know.

What's included?

The brake pad replacement service consists of replacing brake pads, cleaning caliper slides and brake pad holders.

What is the Zippity process - how do we make the call?

1. Evaluate: Inspect brakes using brake gauge and measure against Zippity universal measurement standards. We only replace brake pads once they reach the width threshold of ____  .

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2. Contact: We send you a picture of the condition of your brake pads in addition to a quote for parts and labor.

3. Assessment: You decide! We provide you with the all the information you need to make an objective assessment and you decide whether to move forward with service.

Parts & Warranty 

Zippity has partnered with Advance Auto Parts (CarQuest Wearever) to provide factory authorized original equipment and parts. CarQuest Wearever brake pads are premium original equipment replacement brake pads with:

  • Superior stopping power
  • Multi-lay SoundLock noise damping shim for ultra-quiet braking
  • 12 Month, 12,000 mile warranty against manufacturer's defect