Brake Services

What we offer

  • Brakes & Brake Fluid Inspection (Included in Zippity Health Check)
    • We inspect and document brake pad, rotor, and caliper condition, and note any defects. Depending on our findings we may suggest a Complete Brake Service, which we can typically perform for you on the same day.
  • Full Brake Service
    • We put your brake system back in excellent working condition. This may include brake pad replacement, rotor cleaning or replacement, and caliper service. Pricing for brake services varies by make and model, as well as the types of service ultimately necessary. We will contact you on the day of service to discuss our findings and authorize any additional charges.

What you need to know

Brake Fluid:

The pressure of the brake fluid is what allows your brake system to stop the car using all four brake pads and rotors. When brake fluid gets low, the ability to apply this pressure is reduced and you may find yourself having to press the pedal all the way to the floor or even press the pedal multiple times to get the car to come to a stop. Another symptom of low brake fluid is finding clear to brown fluids on the ground underneath your car which have leaked from the brake fluid reservoir.


Brake pads, along with brake fluids, calipers, and rotors are a critical part of bringing your car to a stop. Some key signs that your brake pads need to be replaced are:

  • Piercing sounds when you apply the brakes coming to a stop
  • Brake warning light on dashboard
  • Shaking of steering wheel or pedals when coming to a stop

Frequency Recommendation

Brake Fluid Replacement: Approximately every 20,000 miles. This varies based on make and model.

Brake Inspection: Approximately every 6 months or 5,000 miles. May vary based on make and model.