Zippity Detailing Services

What We Offer

Basic Interior Detail: The Basic is a fantastic way to spruce up your car on the fly. Our technicians spend 30 minutes making your car as snazzy as possible. They focus on the dashboard, windows, and vacuuming the interior seating areas and trunk.

Pricing: $49 small cars/sedans, $69 SUVs/vans

  • Interior wipe down of:

    • Dashboard

    • Center console

    • Cup holders

    • Door sills

  • Clean all windows inside and outside.

  • Vacuum interior floor mats, carpeting, seating areas, and trunk.

  • 30 minutes total of cleaning time.

What’s NOT included in the Basic service:

  • Extracting/scrubbing dirt from the interior

  • Removal of stains from carpeting, seats, vinyl, and plastic


Full Interior Detail: We give the interior of your car the love it deserves with our 90 Minute deep clean. This clean goes beyond the basic with a full detailing, rejuvenation, and protection of all interior surfaces.

Pricing: $145 small cars/sedans, $165 SUVs/vans

  • Full detailed cleaning of:

    • Dashboard

    • Center console

    • Cup holders

    • Door sills

    • Door panels

    • Vents

  • Clean all windows inside and outside.

  • Vacuum all interior:

    • Floor mats

    • Carpeting

    • Seating areas

    • Trunk

  • Protect and dress all leather, vinyl, and plastic.

  • 90 minutes total of cleaning time.

What you need to know

A clean car brings joy! You can help us by removing large or heavy personal items from your car, but don’t stress about all the clutter! We are happy to organize everything we find, and try to be judicious in throwing out trash.

Extra Charges May Be Required

  • Heavily soiled interiors.

  • Pet hair.

  • Removing personal items from the vehicle.

Extra cleaning time costs $25 per additional 20 minutes. We'll contact you before beginning work if we expect your vehicle will need extra time.

Frequency Recommendation

Whenever you want that special “new” feeling in your car!