Frequently Asked Questions

How will you know where I parked my car?

You'll place a pin on a map when you check into the key-osk the morning of your service.

How does this work?

We provide basic car care services in the parking lot of your employer. On our website, you schedule services on the pricing page. Once scheduled, we email you instructions about how to hand off your keys to us for service day. The morning of your service, you’ll receive a text message reminding you to drop your keys off at your company’s key-osk, where you’ll follow the on-screen instructions to leave your keys. We’ll retrieve the keys, pick up your car, drive it to our mobile trailer (parked at your employer), service your vehicle, and return it to its original parking spot. Once we’ve returned your keys to the key-osk, you will receive a text letting you know your car is ready. It’s that convenient!

How do I get my keys to you?

We’ve designed an easy-to-use key kiosk (key-osk) for key drop-off and key return (see picture below). On service day you’ll find the kiosk in a pre-determined location by your employer. Upon scheduling service, the specific location of the kiosk will be shown and emailed to you.

What about my parking space? Will I lose it?

You won’t lose your original parking spot. We reserve your spot for you! For the 30-60 minutes that we have your vehicle, we place another vehicle or a placeholder in your spot. Upon service completion, we return your vehicle to its original spot.

What if I need my car during the day?

During scheduling we ask you to tell us the hours you’ll be at the office so that we can work adequately around your arrival and departure schedule. In the case of an unexpected need of your vehicle, you can call or text us and we’ll bring you your vehicle! You’ll receive a reminder text the morning of your service and can reply to that number.

When am I charged for the service?

Once the service is complete. You will receive a copy of your receipt via email.

Are there any additional fees like a convenience or travel fee?

No. Prices shown on the services page include all parts, labor, and any applicable fees. You won’t be charged any more.

Do you have certified mechanics?

ASE certified mechanics oversee all of our operations.

Where will my car receive service?

We provide all service within the parking lot of your employer. Most of our services are performed in our service bays inside our service trailer.

Do you carry insurance?

Of course! Like any reputable mechanic shop, we carry the proper insurance so that if there were to be an accident (we train extensively to avoid any and all), you’re covered.

Do you clean pet hair during the interior car clean?

Pet hair is incredibly difficult to remove from many types of upholstery. We will do our best but we cannot guarantee hair removal.

Do you charge extra for really messy cars?

For vehicles that need extra cleaning we may apply an additional charge. We will contact you first in that case.