FAQs for Companies


+ How do I bring Zippity to my workplace?

It’s easy! Fill out the form on our “How it Works for Companies” page and we’ll get you started.

+ What size/type of companies do you work with?

Zippity typically works with campuses of 1000+ employees who have a high percentage of employees who commute to work by car.

+ Does it cost the company money to bring Zippity onsite?

No! Zippity is free for employers. There are no setup fees and no fees for bringing us onsite. Customers simply pay for service when they sign up online.

+ Is it expensive for employees?

No! Zippity is proud to offer competitive service pricing to our customers. We are able to do so because of great supply chain partnerships, low overhead from being a mobile service shop, and because we are aggregating many services in one place at the workplace which saves travel costs. We also price match. If our customers are finding better pricing at their dealer, we encourage them to show us the quote.

+ How do I know Zippity provides high quality service?

Zippity is driven by a commitment to excellent customer service and we deliver this through our state-of-the-art Mobile Service Trailers and technicians who are professionally trained and certified.

We are dedicated to providing world-class customer experience, as demonstrated by our customer NPS score of 90 and hundreds of 5-Star customer reviews. We also provide an unconditional money-back guarantee. If customers are unhappy with their service, we will refund their money.

+ How often should Zippity visit our workplace?

Your service schedule will depend on the size of your company but we typically recommend:

500-1000 employees: 1-2 visits per month

1000-2500 employees: 2-4 visits per month

2500-4000 employees: 1-2 visits per week

4000+employees: 2-4 visits per week


+ What space does Zippity need onsite?

Zippity needs:

  • 4 (2x2) parking spaces to park the trailer or 15’ x 28’ of available space
  • 8 parking spaces for employees using the service
  • A small area in the lobby or common area for the Zippity Keyosk (Secure Key Drop System)

We do not require covered parking or a covered space. Zippity’s Mobile Service Trailer is completely enclosed and self-contained. It also has heat and A/C for technicians so we can provide onsite service comfortably in all four seasons.

+ How does service work for employees?

  • Customers sign up for services online at app.zippitycars.com
  • Zippity provides email confirmation and service reminders with exact information about where to park and drop their keys.
  • On their service day, customers park in the Zippity Parking Area, drop their keys in the Zippity Keyosk, and go about their day.
  • Zippity picks up the customer keys and services their vehicle in the Mobile Service Trailer onsite. Customers receive updates about the status of their vehicle throughout this process.
  • Once the service is complete, Zippity returns the customer vehicle to the Zippity Parking Area, returns keys to the Keyosk, and notifies the customer that their service is complete.
  • Customers receive a receipt at the end of the service day.

+ Is Zippity insured?

Zippity carries Commercial General Liability, Automotive Liability, Workers Compensation & Pollution Insurance coverage for every visit, and can add clients as an ‘Additionally Insured’ entity upon request. In addition, Zippity maintains a $6mm Umbrella liability policy. You will be covered and you can feel confident about bringing Zippity to your location.

+ How does Zippity prevent against spills? What does Zippity do with the waste?

The mobile garage is completely self-contained with a sealed floor and all services that require fluid changes are performed inside the garage. Any and all liquids removed from customer vehicles are taken off site and recycled according to the applicable state laws.