Who uses Zippity?

Why Zippity?



Zippity is free for companies to offer to their employees. Employees pay for services when they sign up.


Fantastic Employee Experience

We remove the hassle of getting the car to the shop and provide our customers with high quality service from ASE certified mechanics.


Minimal set up

Getting started is easy. Simply pick the days you want Zippity to come on site and notify your employees. 


Increased Productivity

No more missing work to get the car to the shop. Or worse, using vacation days for chores. Easy online appointment management.


Ease of Use

Employees schedule services online here and drop their keys in the Zippity Key-osk at work on their day of service.


Employee Retention

Offer your employees a perk that saves them time, hassle, and stress. Using Zippity lets them focus on the things that matter.

Companies can bring Zippity on site at no cost.


Schedule a call with Zippity to reserve visit dates.


Send announcement email to tenants & employees.


Employees sign up for services online.


Reserve parking spots for Zippity on service day.


Everything we do to make it a smooth ride:

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