Zippity Health Check

Everything you need to know.

Comes FREE with every service

It's hard to proactively stay on top of your car's health. We do this for you by providing a free Zippity Health Check with every Zippity service. 

What's Included

Anti-freeze Level Check • Coolant Level Check • Battery test • Brake pad Inspection • Brake Rotor Inspection • Brake Fluid Inspection • Calipers Inspection • Cabin Air Filter Inspection • Engine Air Filter Inspection • Exterior Bulbs Test  • Belts & Hoses Inspection • Power Steering Fluid Check • Serpentine Belt Inspect • Wiper Blades Inspection• Wiper Fluid Level • Check Engine Oil •  Front & Rear Tire tread Depth• Tire Pressure Check

Photos & Live Updates

We get to see under the hood...why shouldn't you? We send you photos of the parts and systems we inspect so you can see for yourself.

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Digital Report right to your inbox

Once your Health Check is complete, we send a copy of the results directly to your inbox so you can see the results and keep excellent service records.