It’s time to start offering a perk your employees will LOVE.

How it Works

Zippity partners with companies to offer convenient onsite car maintenance for employees.


Zippity service is designed for the workplace.


Environmentally-friendly Mobile Service Garages

We’ve thought of everything, so you can be confident bringing Zippity onsite.

  • Completely self-contained, with sealed floors.

  • Any and all liquids removed from customer vehicles are taken off site and recycled according to the applicable state laws. 

  • Four-season design, to enable service in all weather conditions.


Easy setup, with no cost to employer

Zippity provides you with a complete package to make onsite car care a success at your company, including:

  • Guidance for facilities team to find the right place for the trailer for site visits.

  • Communications packet with templates for announcing Zippity at your company.

  • Engagement reports to tell you how the service is going at your company.


Excellent Employee Experience

Zippity is proud to share an industry-leading Customer Net Promotor Score of 90!

  • Service updates and transparent communication throughout the day.

  • Professional, responsive, and highly convenient onsite service.



Interested in bringing Zippity to your company?

  • Zero cost perk for the employer

  • Self-contained, environmentally-friendly service trailers

  • Professionally trained and certified mechanics

  • Fully Insured

  • Digital Service Reports

  • Engagement Reports for HR teams

  • Comprehensive maintenance services 

  • Serving all vehicle makes and models

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