Zippity partners with your employer to bring car care to your office

Here’s how it works:


Before your service day:

Schedule your service online where you can get upfront pricing for your make and model.

We’ll send you a confirmation and a reminder 24 hours before your day of service with instructions on where to park your car and drop your keys.


During your service day:

While you’re busy at work, Zippity’s professionally trained and certified technicians are taking good care of your vehicle.


Your car goes into Zippity Mobile Service Trailer

Technician completes 12-point inspection

You receive a Digital Health Report with photos of your vehicle

Technician completes scheduled services and returns your vehicle

We get to look under the hood. Why shouldn’t you?

Zippity’s Digital Health Report helps you get a pulse on your car.

  • You get a condition report (with photos) for each of the most important parts and systems in your vehicle.

  • We only recommend additional services when items are below industry standard specifications. 

  • We only perform services that you approve.

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Join thousands of car owners who have loved stress-free car maintenance

Zippity services all makes and models

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Zippity is a full service shop, on wheels!

We partner with major parts distributors to provide high quality parts and service for all makes and models.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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All of our services are backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee. We promise that if you’re not happy, we’ll refund your money.

Price Matching

Zippity works hard to provide premium convenience without the premium price tag. We are able to provide you competitive prices because we aggregate customers at your work location. If the dealer provides you with a service quote for less, show us!

CarFax Reporting


CarFax is a comprehensive source of your car’s service history. Zippity helps out by sending basic information about the services we perform. If you don’t want us to share information about your Zippity services with CarFax, just click here. It’s that easy.