What's Included

Zippity Offers 3 Maintenance Service Packages:

Basic: Conventional Oil Change + Tire Rotation + Brake Inspection

Premium: Full Synthetic Oil Change + Tire Rotation + Brake Inspection

Complete: The Complete package includes everything in the Premium Package PLUS the maintenance items recommended by your car's manufacturer for your make, model, and mileage.  

At Zippity, we have the maintenance schedules on file from every manufacturer and our ASE certified technicians use this data to perform the appropriate maintenance at the right interval for your car. When you select our Complete Maintenance Package, we reference your car’s recommended maintenance schedule and perform the services that apply at your mileage interval.

We also have the right parts for the job. When you book your service, we take note of your car make, model, and year so that we can stock the service trailer in advance with the fluids and parts that are specific to your make and model.


What you need to know

What is a Manufacturer's Maintenance Schedule?

A maintenance schedule is the routine maintenance that the manufacturer recommends specifically for your car model in order to ensure the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle. The schedule is usually displayed in a table in the maintenance section of your Service Manual and it lists maintenance the items to be performed at various mileage intervals.


What are common maintenance items?

While the service intervals (time between oil changes, for example) may vary between different car brands, there are some common themes across most makes and models. The most common routine maintenance items are:

  • Engine oil changes

  • Tire rotations

  • Brake inspections

  • Hoses & Belts inspections

  • Fluid inspections

  • Filter replacement