Zippity Oil Changes

Conventional Oil Change: $39.95

Full Synthetic Oil Change: $54.95

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Prices above are for up to 5 quarts. It is $6 for each additional quart. Most makes and models use 4-5 quarts for an oil change.

What's Included

Old oil drained and replaced with new motor oil specified by the manufacturer. Also included is a new oil filter.

Oil Change Maintenance Packages combine an oil change (conventional or synthetic) with a Tire Rotation and a Premium Health check for a reduced price.

What you need to know

Every car needs their oil changed on a regular basis--oil keeps all of the interior engine parts working smoothly. Not changing oil can result in a seized engine that has to be replaced. Most cars need their oil changed between 3,000 and 5,000 miles depending on the oil type.

Frequency Recommendation

Every 3-5,000 miles depending on your car & oil type