Zippity Paint Correction & Scratch Removal Services

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  • Make your car shine! Restore paint to the rich full-gloss color she had coming off the lot.

  • Protect and prevent against further damage.

  • Retain the value of your car.

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  • Onsite service at your workplace

  • Interior, Exterior detailing, Paint Correction, and fine scratch removal

  • Competitive pricing

  • Online scheduling and booking

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  • Tire Air Pressure Check & Refill

  • Inspect Tire Tread Condition

  • Inspect Exterior Lights

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Services & Pricing

Paint Correction & Renewal

$349-$449 (Price Includes Exterior Wash & Detail)

Summary: Our paint correction and renewal service restores your car's exterior to its full-gloss, mirror-like shine by removing surface imperfections like swirl marks, fine scratches, buffer trails, and the occasional deeper scratch. This paint correcting service brings back the full rich color which waxing alone does not restore.

Our Process:

Step 1: Prepare the vehicle with thorough exterior wash and clay bar to remove contaminants

Step 2: Remove fine scratches with scratch removal compound and careful buffing process.

Step 3: Protect and add finish to the paint. Apply wax and buff surface to a shine.

Scratch Removal

Custom Quote, $50 per panel

Summary: For deeper scratches, we perform wet-sanding to round off the edges of the scratch and minimize its appearance. However, some scratches may be too deep to remove without risking damage to the surface paint. Therefore, we ask for the chance to evaluate the condition of the scratch and paint and provide you with a quote.

Our Process:

Step 1: Prepare the vehicle with thorough exterior wash and clay bar to remove contaminants

Step 2: Remove deeper scratches with scratch removal compound and careful wet-sanding process.

Step 3: Protect and add finish to the paint. Apply wax and buff surface to a shine.

*Note that paint correction and scratch removal services must be ordered along side a service which includes exterior detailing so that we can appropriately prepare the paint surface for repair.

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Scratch Removal Details

A few tips on scratches we can (or cannot) fix:



  • Zippity can repair swirl marks, marring, buffer marks, water etching and fine scratches.

  • Zippity cannot completely repair any deep scratches which cut into the base color coat layer. A good rule of thumb: if you can feel the scratch with your finger nail, it’s too deep for us to repair. We may be able to help improve appearance of the scratch, but you’ll need to go to a body shop to get the paint touched up.

  • Scrapes: We can help remove the color transferred from the object your car scraped against and improve the appearance of the scrape. However, we cannot match and repaint areas where the scrape removed the paint.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

My car looks brand new! Zippity did an awesome job!
— Lindsay C. - 2010 Audi A5
When I returned back to my truck, it was as if I had purchased it all over again. They do an excellent job detailing!
— James D. - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
I had my car detailed and quite frankly it looks better than when I picked it up at the dealer when new. I was extremely happy with the service. We have used Zippity for oil changes, brake replacements and now detailing. Having it done at the office takes another weekend chore off my plate!
— Allen R. - 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

Service Details

Some extra information to help you get ready for your detail service!

  • Tips for success:

    • When you book service, leave us some notes about special areas you’d like us to address (this especially is important if you’d like us to repair particular scratches!).

    • Be prepared to be contacted during the day. We know you’re busy so we try to streamline communications, but occasionally we have to reach out to get your approval. Look out for our texts/emails!

  • Weather Cancellations: Zippity’s detailing service is done outside and is therefore exposed to the current weather conditions. If there is heavy rain or wind, we may need to reschedule your service. We will reach out to you in advance and your credit card will not be charged until after your service is complete.

  • Extra Time : Some vehicles need a little extra love and may require extra time. We charge $20 per additional 20 minutes of cleaning. Once we get your vehicle, we will do a quick scan. If cleaning will require extra time, we will notify you and request your approval.

  • Personal Items: Please help us by removing your personal items from the car! We’re happy to remove and replace a few items but if there are many extra personal items in your car, we may have to charge you extra time for their removal and replacement.

We can’t wait to spruce up your car!