Zippity, Which Takes Care of Your Car at Your Workplace, Is Launching in Boston

Reposted from Bostinno | November 12, 2017

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Car maintenance is, to put it lightly, one of the things you have to do. So hey, just do it: call your car service of choice, schedule an appointment, drive there, kill the time until your car is ready, drive back.

Edward Warren, a former Digital Lumens employee and MBA graduate from Dartmouth College, was not the only one to consider the whole process frustrating and time-consuming. But he was the one who asked himself: wouldn’t it be nice if you drove to work in the morning, left your car in the parking lot, and found it ready in the evening?

This question sums up the mission of Zippity, a startup based in Kendall Square that Warren founded in the fall of 2015. Initially, the company launched in New Hampshire because Warren was attending business school there. Since the beginning of November, the company started partnering with employers in the greater Boston area.


“We need to bring car maintenance to the customers, so it’s logistically convenient,” Warren said. “And we need to bring it online, so it is transparent, easy and seamless.”

If your employer partners with Zippity, you simply have to schedule and pay a car maintenance service – from oil to tire service – on Zippity’s online portal, which asks for your professional email. The day of the appointment, a Zippity truck equipped with all things car care will be in your employer’s parking lot. Just hand the keys to one of the two technicians on the mobile garage, and your car will be ready by the end of the day.

Customers whose employers don’t partner with Zippity cannot access the service, Warren said. Zippity operates three maintenance trucks that can serve up to 15 cars each every day. The venture has a total of 10 employees, including technicians.

Zippity raised less than $1 million in seed funding from the angel community last summer, according to Warren. Currently, Zippity partners with local employers in five locations in the greater Boston area, including North Reading, Charlestown, Cambridge and Concord.