Our technicians are the reason we are able to deliver such a positive experience for our customers.


Favorite Car: Subaru WRX

Favorite Show: Street Outlaws

Fun Fact: I’ve been working on cars for 10+ years! I also have lots of Volkswagon, GMS, and Chevy certifications and I’m planning to pass the rest soon!

Favorite part of the job: Working on cars

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas

Three Items You’d take on a deserted island: Inflatable raft, oars, a flashlight

Favorite Car: 64 Impala SS

Favorite Movie: Anything with Chris Farley in it!

Three items you’d take on a deserted island: Gun, fishing pole, lighter


“My favorite part of my job is being able to fix people’s car troubles while they know that their car is in good hands” -James


Favorite Part of the job: Working a different location everyday

Favorite Hobbies: Playing sports with my kids

Fun Fact: I was a professional skateboarder when I was younger.

Favorite Car: Nissan 240sx

Favorite Hobbies: Fishing and skating

Favorite Book: Hatchet