Tire Maintenance

What we offer

Tire Rotation & Balancing

Rotation: We rotate all of your installed tires, front to back and back to front, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Balancing: We use a high speed balancer. We have the option for stick-on wheel weights or regular wheel weights.

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Seasonal Tire Changes

We have two options for car owners who have seasonal tires.

  1. If you use the same wheels/rims for both sets of tires, we can dismount your current tires from the rim and remount your other tires.

  2. If you have tires mounted on separate wheels/rims, we can remove your current wheels and install the other wheels.

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TPMS Service

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System reports real-time tire pressure levels and alerts you when tires are under-inflated.

  • We run diagnostics to make sure sensors are communicating with vehicles computer

  • Reprogram or replace sensors

  • Note: Some vehicles require extended test drive after programming for the TMPS dashboard light to shutoff

What you need to know

Why regular rotations and balancing are important:

  • Extend the life of your tires: Rotating your tires regularly is the best thing you can do to avoid uneven wear, extend the life of your tires and save money.

  • Safety: Unusual tire wear can make controlling the vehicle more difficult, especially in wet conditions.

  • Keep your car under warranty: Some tire makers require regular maintenance records so you do not void the warranty .

How Tire Rotations Differ between Vehicles


After Your Tire Rotation Service:

  • Some cars require that the TPMS systems be reset after the tires are rotated

  • If you have waited too long to rotate your tires, you may experience vibrations right after the rotation. If this continues, the uneven wear may be too far to correct with a rotation and you may need to purchase new tires.

Frequency Recommendation

Zippity recommends rotating your tires approximately every 5,000 miles, or with every oil change.

We also recommend balancing your tires during the same service.