What we offer

Tire Rotation

  • Rotation of your installed tires (front to back and back to front).

Seasonal Tire (winter/summer) Mount & Balance*

  • We remove your old tires from the rims, mount and balance the new tires you have supplied, and reinstall the wheels to factory specifications. We then place your old tires in bags and place them in your car.

Complete Tire Service - New Tires, Mount & Balance*

  • We will contact you to discuss tire options for your vehicle, how many new tires you need, and help you select the best tires for your budget and performance needs.

  • We will procure new tires for you, remove your old tires from the rims, mount and balance the new tires, and reinstall the wheels to your vehicle.

  • At your request, we can return your old tires to you or recycle them.

Tire Pressure Check & Fill (FREE)

  • We check all four tires for proper tire pressure based on your tire’s recommended PSI, and then fill with air where needed.

*These services are currently offered in Hanover/Lebanon service area only.

What you need to know

Tire Rotations: Rotating your tires approximately every other oil change is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your tires and avoid irregular wear. Add it to an oil change for a more comprehensive service.

    Frequency Recommendation

    Tire Rotations: For most drivers, once a year is recommended.