What are Wheel Locks?


Wheel locks are designed to keep thieves from stealing a vehicles wheels and rims. Wheel Locks can be installed on your car to prevent theft. Wheel locks consist of four special lug nuts and one key. The special lug nut is installed in place of one of your original lug nuts on each wheel. The wheel lock can be tightened and removed only with the specific wheel lock key, so a standard socket or lug nut wrench will not be able to remove the wheel locks.

Zippity asks you to bring your wheel lock key on your day of service in order for us to be able to perform services which require removing your wheels, such as a tire rotation or brake repairs. If you have wheel locks installed on your car, we are unable to perform tire services on your car without the specific wheel lock key.

Where can you find your wheel lock key?

Most people tend to hide their wheel lock key in a safe place in their car. If you don’t remember where you put your key, here are some common places to check:

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 1.07.49 PM.png
  • Glove Box

  • Under the car seats (some cars have hidden compartments under the seats)

  • Pockets at the back of the front seats

  • Trunk

  • Under the trunk carpet

  • Under the spare wheel or in the spare wheel compartment

  • Cup holders

  • Door pockets

  • Ash Tray