Zippity Mobile Service Garage

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  • Quick deploy side enclosures designed for four-season service with heat and A/C for technicians

  • Vehicle lifting and floor jacks enabling service on brakes, wheels, tires

  • Ramp-overs for fast oil change procedure

  • Internet connectivity in order to provide real-time service updates to customers!


Information for Facilities Teams:

Self Contained Garages

The mobile garage is completely self-contained with a sealed floor and all services that require fluid changes are performed inside the garage. Any and all liquids removed from customer vehicles are taken off site and recycled according to the applicable state laws. When Zippity pulls away your property will look exactly the same as before.

Space & Parking

Zippity requires 28’x15’ of space to park the garage, plus room behind to load a vehicle into the garage and some designated parking spots on the premises so customers know where to park. That’s it!




Insurance Coverage

Zippity carries Commercial General Liability, Automotive Liability, Workers Compensation & Employer’s Liability coverage for every visit, and can add clients as an ‘Additionally Insured’ entity upon request. In addition, Zippity maintains a $6mm umbrella liability policy to keep you extra covered and feeling confident about bringing Zippity to your location.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Zippity stays in close contact with your team to ensure operations are running smoothly on site. If any issues arise, we are immediately accessible by phone and email. Plus, all services are backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee. We promise that if you're not happy, we'll refund your money.